Projects & Pavilion 


Trestle Worker Squad x Eight/Pete Driessen
Sound Composition x Two/Michael Masaru Flora
A sculpture and sound installation emphasizing subtle variance and variation in the repetitive rhythms of former trestle laborers.
TuckUnder Pavilion @ Casket Arts Complex
Opening Friday, May 18, 6-9 pm
Exhibition Runs May 17 – June 9, 2019 By Appointment.


The TuckUnder Projects Art Gallery Indefinite Hiatus 
is a Temporary Durational Hiatus Art Gallery Project?


The Temporary Durational Hiatus Art Gallery Project 
is the TuckUnder Projects Art Gallery Indefinite Hiatus?
TuckUnder Projects Virtual Space 
Runs January 2018 - Indefinite Duration.

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  Facebook: TuckUnderProjects 
MnArtist.org: mnartists.org/tuckunder-projects


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Three Free Form Artists 
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MN Give to the Max Day November 15, 2012. Thanks to all who donated!

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We met our recent Raspberry Patch Diagnosis Kickstarter Campaign Goal.  Thanks to all who helped!

TuckUnder Projects in South West Patch by Ashley Briggs Horton:

Past Exhibitions:

The Clay and Its Double. Eugene Luketic/Jerome Yorke with Zac Collopy, Sophie Wilson, & Claire Brewer. 
TuckUnder Pavilion Project. March 7 – March 10, 2019.

Lex Thompson/Re/collect. TuckUnder Pavilion Project. March 7 – March 10, 2019.


The TuckUnder Projects Art Gallery Indefinite Hiatus is a Temporary Durational Hiatus Art Gallery Project?
The Temporary Durational Hiatus Art Gallery Project is the TuckUnder Projects Art Gallery Indefinite Hiatus?

TuckUnder Projects Virtual Space. January 2018 - Indefinite Duration.


Trestle Support Systems/Pete Driessen. Northern Pacific Rail Yard, Brainerd, MN. Pavilion Project. October 25-Novemeber 4, 2017.


Justin Quinn/Flat Earth Society. Main Gallery. October 13-November 13, 2016.

Timothy Granlund/Just a Moment. Leaky Sink Gallery. October 13-November 13, 2016.

Rochelle Woldorsky/IMPROVISATION. Lounge Gallery. October 13-November 13, 2016.

Chance Greaves/Hard Feelings/Hardly Feeling. Alley Garage Gallery. October 13-November 13, 2016.

Julia Helen Rice/Khora Terra. Site Specific Sculpture Project. May 15-November 13, 2016.

Meena Mangalvedhedkar/S.O.xO.S. Online Outsourcing Projection Project. May 15-November 13, 2016.

Reid Oyen/Sub-Prime Meridian. Site Specific Yard Project. May 15-November 13, 2016. 

The Patch of Harald Szeemann. When Raspberries Become Form/Ideas live in your patch. Raspberry Patch Residency. May 15-November 13, 2016.

mara/thalassa/sea. Melissa Borman, Rian Kerrane, & Anastasia Pelias. Main Gallery. September 9-October 9, 2016.

Linger Longer/Elaine Rutherford. Leaky Sink Gallery. September 9-October 9, 2016.

Re-Model/Lex Thompson. Main Gallery. August 4-September 4, 2016.

Presley Martin/Found Foam Forms. Leaky Sink Gallery. August 4-September 4, 2016.

Chad Rutter/The Fill. Alley Garage Door Project. August 4-November 13, 2016.

Margaret Pezalla/Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, & None of the Above. Under the Porch Gallery. August 4-September 4, 2016.

Lynn Wadsworth/ Coarsely Fashioned Beauties. Main Gallery. June 30-July 31, 2016.

Work Around (Andy Delany & Lauren Flynn)/all that is understood by people. Leaky Sink Gallery. June 30-July 31, 2016.

Marisha Erickson/West. Alley Garage Gallery. June 30-July 31, 2016.

Kim Benson/Maelstrom. Main Gallery. May 26-June 26, 2016.

Kate Van Cleve/All the Way Home. Leaky Sink Gallery. May 26-June 26, 2016.

2015: Greg Fitz/400 ppm. Main Gallery. October 8-November 15, 2015.
Terri Wentzka/Hideaway. Leaky Sink Gallery. October 8-November 15, 2015.
Sarah Beadle/Stellar Cues. Alley Garage performance with companion project Homing Implications. October 8-November 15, 2015.
Ute Bertog/Et al. Main Gallery. September 3-October 4, 2015.
Mark Rode/Structural Dissonance. Leaky Sink Gallery. September 3-October 4, 2015. Paul Wegner/Avon Hills. Exterior Photographic Installation. September 3-November 15, 2015.
Kenneth Steinbach/Fiat/Fiat. Main Gallery. July 30-August 30, 2015.
Larsen Klemmer Husby/Autres Curiosites. Leaky Sink Gallery. July 30-August 30, 2015.
Mike Flora/Shutsugen. Alley Garage Audio Installation. July 30-August 30, 2015.
Lyz Wendland/Suburban Map Rocks. Exterior Painting Installation. July 30-November 15, 2015.
Luke Aleckson/Short Shadows. Site Specific Exterior Sculpture Project. July 30-November 15, 2015.
Everything At Once/Jesse Matthew Petersen. Main Gallery. June 25-July 26, 2015.
Joshua W. Murray/Me and What I Could Be. Leaky Sink Gallery. June 25-July 26, 2015.
Afghan for Pete/Carolyn Halliday. Site Specific Exterior Project. June 25-November 15, 2015.
Carolina Borja/Mas vale pajaro en mano que ciento volando.(A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.) Alley Garage Gallery. June 25-July 26, 2015.
Inimitable Remains/Jamie Winter Dawson. Main Gallery. May 21-June 21, 2015.
Portraits and Judgement/Michael McGraw. Leaky Sink Gallery.  May 21-June 21, 2015.
Aesthetic Raspberry Tactics (ART)/Raspberry Patch/Chromatic Curriculum. May 21- November 15, 2015.


36 CHMBRZ/Nickelangelo. Main Gallery. October 30-November 23, 2014.

Surprise Guest/Performance. Leaky Sink Gallery. October 30-November 23, 2014.

Aki Shibata/stranger + kitchen. Performative Dinners. November 2 & 16, 2014.

doubleplusgood/Mike Cloud, Caroline Kent, Nyeema Morgan, & Nate Young. Main Gallery. September 4 – October 12, 2014. John Vitale/Are You In, Or Are You Out?. Leaky Sink Gallery. September 4 – October 12, 2014.

Paint No Wrong Paint No Right/Justine Di Fiore & Samuel Bjorgum. Main Gallery. July 31-August 31, 2014. Darkroom Interviews/Steven Lang. Leaky Sink Gallery. July 31-August 31, 2014. What to Do When Lost in the Woods/Melissa Borman. Exterior Installation. July 31-November 23, 2014. UFO/Amy Toscani. Exterior Sculpture Installation. July 31-November 23, 2014.
Love American Style/
Clea Felien & David Pederson. Main Gallery.
June 26-July 27, 2014
Gossypium/Julia Helen Rice. Exterior Yard Installation/Performance. June 26, 2014. Windows Ninety-Six/Jamie Owens. Leaky Sink Gallery. June 26-July 27, 2014.

Nathan Coutts/Nemesis
. Main Gallery. May 29-June 22, 2014.

Mary Gibney/Peep ShowLeaky Sink Gallery. May 29-June 22, 2014.

Laura Bigger/
Raspberry Patch Residency (the product). May 15-October 15, 2014

FreeForm/Curated by Nathaniel Smith. Main Gallery. October 17-November 25, 2013. 
Work by Alanah Luger-Guillaume, Kathryn Sheldon, Alexis Stiteler. 

Katerina Fisher/This is Your Mirror Too. Curated by Nathaniel Smith. Leaky Sink Gallery. October 17-November 25, 2013. 

Look(again) Residency by low tech/high joy collaborative (Karen Kasel & Marlaine Cox). Exterior Project. May 23-October 18, 2013. 

If We Could/Curated by Christina Chang. Main Gallery & Leaky Sink Gallery. September 13-October 13, 2013. 
Work by Abigail Allan, Susan Brown, Kyle Johanson, Jehra Patrick, Ben Reed, & Joel Schwarz.

Mary Bergs/Compounds of Obvious Formation. Main Gallery. August 1-September 8, 2013.

Nick Howard/Go for it!. Leaky Sink Gallery. August 1-September 8, 2013.

Holly Streekstra/Emanations. Main Gallery. June 27-July 28, 2013.

Jenny Jenkins/Driftwool. Leaky Sink Gallery. June 27-July 28, 2013.

Jeremy Szopinski/The Thousandfold Principle. Main Gallery. May -June 23, 2013.

Noah Harmon/Have Fun! Leaky Sink Gallery. May 23-June 23, 2013.

Vague/Pete Driessen. Main Gallery. May 5-19, 2013.

Practice/Karen Kasel. October 25-November 25, 2012.

Afternoon Delight/Curated by Scott Stulen & Jehra Patrick. September 20-October 21, 2012. 
Work by Alexa Horochowski, Andy Messerschmidt, Jason Pearson, Neal Perbix, Erika Ritzel, & Kurtis Skaife.

Radical Aesthetic Initiative/Lisa Bergh & Andrew Nordin/Long Ago & Tomorrow. August 2-September 15, 2012.

 Raspberry Residency Artist Sarah Wolbert/TNT: Tunnel & Trellis. May 15-September 15, 2012.

Pamela & Frank Gaard/Dual Portraits. June 28-July 29, 2012.

Anne George/Organization Strategies and Savings Management, EXTRA BUTTONS, and other unquantifiable attractions.    
May 24th-June 24, 2012.

TuckUnder 1. Inaugural Exhibition. Introduction to the spatiality of the new site in its raw form. January 23-February 28, 2011.

TuckUnder 2. Garage Art Sale. May 23-25, 

TuckUnder 3. Constellation BackYard Art Expedition. May 23-25, 2011.

TuckUnder 4. Swing/National Night Out. August 2, 2011.

TuckUnder Move In/Transitional Housing. October - December 2010.

Hours by appointment. Park on York. Follow path to the left, down steps to TuckUnder. Please watch your step. Say "Hi" to Woody.
See our TuckUnder Projects Facebook or Tumblr pages for more images and information.
TuckUnder Projects      5120 York Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410 USA           New Art/Not a Dealer.
TuckUnder Pavilion      681 17th Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis, MN 55418 USA

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